Turn Up the Heat With an Orlando Vacation

You have made the big decision…the one that will guarantee great family memories that will last a lifetime.  You’ve decided to take a family vacation to Orlando, Florida.  As you prepare for your trip, much of your time will undoubtedly be spent daydreaming about Mickey Mouse, Shamu, or endless sandy beaches.  Before you get too wrapped up in the magic of Orlando, take a few moments to think ahead, make a plan, and hopefully avoid a meltdown in “The City Beautiful.”

One of the best ways for Fahrenheit.org readers to experience Orlando is by staying in one of the amazing rental homes in the area.  Rental homes are perfect for families: they are private, spacious, and provide all the comforts of home.  Timeshare and resort developers often have excess inventory and can offer special deals during certain weeks of the year.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are packing for your trip to an Orlando vacation rental home.  Rental homes typically have “starter” kits that include dishwasher soap, laundry detergents, trash bags, paper towels, and toilet paper.  If you are staying for more than a couple of days, you may need to replenish the supplies.  If you have a larger family, these supplies will go much more quickly.  Be sure to find out what supplies will be available at your rental home and plan accordingly.

Only you know your family’s special needs.  Rental home managers don’t know that you use a special kind of laundry detergent that doesn’t irritate your daughter’s skin.  Maybe your family only eats a certain brand of peanut butter, or you have a son with food allergies.  While Orlando is like any other major city, some products may not be available in local supermarkets – be sure to bring specialty items with you.

Some items like toothbrushes, beach towels, sunscreen, nightlights, pillows, and food staples can easily be forgotten, but are quite necessary for your comfort.  Be sure to pack these items to avoid wasted time, money, and precious energy searching local stores.  Save your shopping for really useful things; like mouse ears, t-shirts, and postcards.

You may not have room in your luggage for everything you want to bring.  Develop a list of what you will need, and do the best you can.  If you need to pick up a few things after you arrive in Orlando, try to make one trip to the supermarket to gather your necessities.  Know what you need ahead of time, make a list, and stick to it.  Making one quick trip to the supermarket is far less disruptive than several trips on the spur of the moment.

Magical moments await Fahrenheit.org readers like you in Orlando.  Seek the heat and comfort found in this great destination for a vacation of a lifetime.  Make sure you plan ahead and think through the details.  With a little planning, your time will be spent watching shows, riding rides, and lounging on the beach…not in line at the grocery store.

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